Bradley Whitford says American right-wing has gone “batshit crazy”

Actor Bradley Whitford showed up on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night where, once you got over how different he looks from when he played Josh Lyman on The West Wing, he had some very interesting things to say about U.S. politics.

Including the sentiment that “the American right-wing has gone batshit crazy”.

The subject came up when Colbert asked Whitford, “Correct me if I’m wrong. You’re one of those lefty liberals, right? …do you think the Dems have gone too far to the left?”

Bradley Whitford immediately responded, “I do not think the party is swinging too far to the left. I think the right has gone absolutely batshit crazy” — which, of course, drew applause from the Colbert audience.

“I mean, George Bush looks like Abby Hoffman now”, he joked.

“Nixon, for pete’s sake”, responded Stephen Colbert. “Nixon started the EPA”.

“Here’s the thing”, said Whitford. “They have become the party of accumulation for the few, and corruption. And I firmly believe that any Democrat who I can see possibly running is what this country is all about. Which is trying to get to the unfulfilled promise of opportunity for all. And I think the Democrats will do that”.

He went on to say, “It is absolutely insane what is happening now. We have this created “emergency”, which is insane…..There is an emergency in this country. 40,000 Americans citizens die…over 10 times the number of the people who died in 9/11…die every year from gun violence in this country.

There is an emergency…And what I don’t understand about the Republicans is apparently their view is that children being slaughtered in schools with weapons of war is part of the cost of freedom. But universal background checks is too high a price to pay. And it’s insane. We have to get back to a sense of fact based sanity in this country. ”

Bradley Whitford was actually appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to promote his new project — Valley of the Boom — a documdrama mini series airing on National Geographic starting January 13th.

The series is about 1990s tech bubble burst.

Or, as Whitford says, “It’s about the browser wars. It’s about Netscape — it is the origin story of this digital sea that we’re all fish swimming in. This thing that has reached into our brains, and more importantly our children’s brains, and re-arranged how the neurons fire. And it’s fascinating to see how it all began”.

Watch Bradley Whitford on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night — January 10th, 2019 — in the video below.

And yes, America needs a lot more people like that.

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