British Brothers Brodual: YouTube’s Popular Skryim Mod Reviewers (Video)


If you are a gamer like I am, you will have heard of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. One of the most successful RPGs (role-playing games) ever, more than 20 million copies of Skyrim have already been sold.

The game is popular because of its storyline, as well as how well it can be modded (modified) by gamers. In fact, two British brothers, who go by the name of Brodual, (Brothers-Dual, get it?) have become very successful on YouTube by reporting on new Skyrim mods as they come out.

Brodual puts up at least one video about new Skyrim mods every day. They showcase the mod, talk about what it does, give their opinions on if it’s worth downloading or not and, at the end of every mod showcase video, have a character do a silly dance.


Gamers lap it up, and come back for more.

Brodual, in just a couple of years of showcasing new Skyrim mods on YouTube, have already amassed 41 million views and that number goes up by 60,000 views or more every day. They’re just one more example of thousands of innovative Brits that are not only becoming popular YouTubers, but are making great money while they’re at it.

Check out one of the best Skyrim mod reviews below in one of Brodual’s most popular videos — Skyrim Mod: Heart Breaker A Killmove Mod. Beautifully put together and nicely voiced in the oh-so British accent many Brodual fans love, the video proves why these British brothers have carved out such a popular niche for themselves on YouTube.

I don’t even play Skyrim, and I still watch every video they produce.


Michelle Topham