Brittany Snow tells Conan dating is not going well and a terrible blind date is just part of it

Brittany Snow tells Conan dating is not going well

Actress and singer Brittany Snow is single and apparently her dating life is not currently a good thing. Not if what she told talk show host Conan last night is true.

“Maybe this is a stupid thing for me to say”, said Conan, “but I just assumed when someone is attractive, it would go well”.


The 31-year-old said actress replied with a story that said ‘not so much’.

“Recently my cousin set me up with a date situation. It was a blind date. I’d never met this guy before, and we were out to dinner and he said “You know, in my early 20s I really felt like it was important to be with somebody who was like a super model and skinny and beautiful, and kinda like a Victoria’s Secret model.

And now, in my 30s, I really feel like it’s more about a personality not so much about looks. And that’s why I’m so glad that I’m out here with you. And I’m so glad that I took you on this date because your personality is so much more than the way you look”.

And I said, You can’t say that out loud”. But, of course, he did.

But the bad date didn’t end there. The guy then free-style rapped to Snow. “And not well,” she added, and then wanted her to ignore his real name and call him ‘Ya Boi’.

Needless to say, she didn’t.

Watch Brittany Snow talking about her terrible blind date in the Conan video below. And you have to wonder what is wrong with some men? She’s gorgeous.



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