Bryce Dallas Howard Can Cry on Cue and She Shows Conan (Video)

bryce dallas howard crying on cue on conan

Bryce Dallas Howards can cry on cue, even if it’s about Home Depot

Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is seriously awesome. So seriously awesome, not only is she gorgeous to look at, she’s also that girl you’d want to hang out with because she’s just so cool.

Case in point, Bryce Dallas Howard on Conan this week. A Bryce Dallas Howard that can cry on cue, whenever she wants to and, oh yes, she has the best scream you’ve ever heard as well.


But the funniest thing about Bryce crying? All it took was Conan talking about how much he loves Home Depot. And she cried on cue.

Funnier still? It turns out Home Depot’s major rival, Loews, is actually a sponsor of Conan. Bet they loved him talking about Home Depot for 10 minutes, and all that free advertising they got.

Then again, Bryce did save the day when it comes to Conan and Home Depot. And without crying too. Watch how in the video below.

Michelle Topham