Buy Dreamland on Sale for Only $2.99 at Big Fish Games

Dreamland is a hidden object adventure game released by Big Fish Games last year. In their Daily Deal today, they’re giving you the chance to pick it up again, but this time for only $2.99 if you weren’t one of those many who already grabbed it when it was first released. Now, let me first say, I didn’t enjoy Dreamland and, in fact, deleted it from my hard drive after only getting half way through.

It is a wonderful game with an interesting storyline but, what ruined it for me were the dark hidden object scenes with lots of teeny, tiny grainy objects to find and, of course, hidden object scenes you were expected to come back to again and again.

That being said, and to give this game its due, thousands of people loved it calling it “one of the best hidden object games ever”, so you just may love it too.


Dreamland is set in a deserted fun fair, populated by an evil dwarf that just wants you to venture in to the fairground where he will then steal your soul. Your little brother did just that, and now he’s disappeared Your job is to get in there, figure out what’s going on, find your brother and defeat the dwarf.

The game is very long, so gives you a lot of gameplay for your money and, other than the hidden object scenes, the graphics are lovely.

The puzzles too are interesting and the storyline is one of the more unusual ones around. If you enjoy a challenging hidden object game, Dreamland could be just the ticket for you and, let’s face it, at only $2.99 it’s worth giving it a try.

Rush to Big Fish Games, though, as the Daily Deal only runs through the end of the day on Friday.



Michelle Topham