Buy Siegecraft TD if You Love Tower Defense and, Yeah, Lizards (Video)

A new Siegecraft TD video trailer is out and, if you enjoy tower defense games, you’ll probably like this one. Developed by Blowfish Studios, an Australian indie games developer, in conjunction with Crescent Moon Games, Siegecraft TD looks like it’s going to have everything a 3D tower defense fan will love. Plus……lizards.

Yep, scaly, creepy, slithering green guys with forked tongues and a bad attitude.


Siegecraft TD, of course, is a sequel to another iOS game by Blowfish, Siegecraft TDH, and takes place in the same realm (why they didn’t give the latest game a unique game is really odd, I think, and more than just a little unimaginative). In the new game, however, it’s all about tower defense with you the gamer being given boatloads of screen control, so you can really give those lizards hell.

The game also has a pretty impressive looking multi-player component, awesome looking graphics and loads of upgrades to buy. It’s also the prettiest mobile tower defense game I’ve ever seen.

This one could be a great way to while away some time while you’re stuck on the bus in traffic or bored stiff waiting for your wife at the mall.

Siegecraft TD is due out at the Apps store on June 26th and, hopefully, will also appear on Android soon after. Seeing as how Siegecraft TDH was such a smash hit, I’m guessing this one will soon follow. Meanwhile watch the video. Lovely and colorful and fun, eh?