Buy Syberia HD Part 1 for iPad if You Love Beautiful Graphics (Video)

Let me start by saying I played the full Syberia game on PC last year so, when I started to play Syberia HD for iPad – Part 1 a couple of weeks ago, I already knew what to expect. What I didn’t expect was how beautiful the graphics would be in the Syberia HD game, compared to the original game released in 2002 and currently available on GOG.

Syberia HD — Part 1 Only Part of The Full Game

Syberia HD for iPad plays similarly to the game on PC. Where it differs, of course, is it’s a much shorter game as the original game (the first game in the trilogy) has now been split into three parts.


That’s actually not such a bad idea in some respects as playing Syberia HD Part 1, you only have to play for about five hours. With the full game, it’s a commitment of 15 hours or more — a stretch for many in the modern world who are just too busy.

However…..and it’s a big however……if you plan on buying Syberia Part 1 expecting the full first game in the trilogy, you’ll be disappointed as this is just one third of it and, if that is the case, I have to say don’t buy it.

Story in Syberia Part 1

In Syberia, Kate Walker is a lawyer who travels to a mysterious almost-deserted town to finish the paperwork on the sale of an old toy factory. When she gets there, however, she discovers she must start a search for the missing heir — a search that takes her to the far corners of the world and to some of the most fascinating locations you’ll ever see.


The story is known by classic gamers as being one of the best, most intricately written stories in any adventure game ever created. If you love a good story, and that’s just as important as gameplay to you, then Syberia Part 1 should be an immediate must buy as the story will astound you.


Much of the Gameplay in Syberia Part 1 involves talking to people around the location you’re currently in, solving puzzles, looking for items you’ll need to complete tasks and traveling backwards and forwards from place to place in order to solve a mystery.

While I loved the puzzle solving and the conversations with the NPCs (although some topics are a little long), the constant walking backwards and forwards is infuriating. If I had one thing to warn gamers about in this game, it’s that and, if constant walking is a deal breaker, then this game is probably not for you.

The Loveliness That is Syberia Part 1

Where Syberia becomes an absolute winner is in the graphics and the design. The towns and places you visit will be some of the most beautiful you have ever seen in any game anywhere. The toy factory with its amazing mechanical designs is incredible and the attention to detail superb.

This is why, even though some of the gameplay issues in Syberia drive me nuts and Kate Walker I could quite happily bash over the head with a mallet, the overall design of the game and the love the developer put into it is hard to beat.

That’s also why, even with the somewhat annoying features the game still has, I will always recommend Syberia Part 1 to anyone who loves a good adventure game as well as one that is beautiful to boot.

You can buy Syberia HD for iPad Part 1 at the Apps Store for just $4.99. For at least five hours gameplay and definite replayability, it’s a very good deal.


Michelle Topham