Buying Rome II? Hope You Have 35GB On Your Hard Drive Free?

Let me preface this by saying I have no intention of buying Total War: Rome II as I don’t buy Steam-only games. That being said, if you do plan on buying Rome II, you might want to check if your hard drive can manage it as, according to a new story from Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Total War: Rome II is going to take up 35GB on your hard drive. Crazy, eh?

35GB on my current hard drive is 179 classic movies that I have stored in one folder. 35GB on my hard drive is the entire 20 seasons of Time Team with a few Time Team specials thrown in. 35GB on my hard drive is all my photographs from four vacations in Spain, a trip to Hong Kong, one to Vietnam, and four years of photographs around Thailand.

In fact, playing Rome II with its 35GB hard drive space would require me to delete some of these things just to be able to accommodate that one game. Not something I’d ever do.


So why is Rome II requiring 35GB hard drive space?

It’s due to the massive battle fields, thousands of soldiers running everywhere and naval fleets that sit off the shore basically doing not much at all for most of the game. Add in the elephants and for this game to run even moderately well you’re going to need 35GB and more.

On top of that, if you plan on buying Rome II and downloading it, you may live in one of the many countries that has a bandwidth cap for internet use. That would mean, just downloading Total War: Rome II once could take up more than 50 percent of your allowable internet usage — for an entire month.

Of course, if you have a massive hard drive, an external hard drive or don’t have to deal with bandwidth caps, buying Rome II won’t ruin the rest of your computer usage or internet usage at all. In which case, you can currently buy Rome II in a pre-order at GameStop¬†as a digital download.

Or, if you can’t possibly download the digital version of Total War: Rome II given its massive file size but can still run it on your machine, you can order the physical copy on disc from one of the major gaming sites.


Michelle Topham