Call of the Night ending theme is Creepy Nut’s ‘Yofukashi no Uta’ and it’s SO cool

Aaarrgghhh, honestly, every time I get back online there is another anime I am desperate to see that is not arriving until sometime in 2022.

Today’s is Call of the Night, a vampire anime based on the manga series by Kotoyama, the same mangaka famous for the superb Dagashi Kashi.

It isn’t just that Call of the Night is basically “boy meets vampire”, and I am a huge fan of the vampire genre so there’s that.

It’s also that the Call of the Night ending theme is Creepy Nut’s ‘Yofukashi no Uta‘ and, with a Call of the Night teaser video featuring a snippet of the song from the Japanese hip hop duo just released, man, I was intrigued to hear more of this amazing song.

So, I went in search, and found the full version of Creepy Nut’s ‘Yofukashi no Uta’ soon after, and can I just say, if you have heard a better anime ending theme than that, I don’t believe you.


Because¬†Creepy Nut’s ‘Yofukashi no Uta’ has everything an anime ending theme song should have.

A fabulous beat that makes you want to get up and dance, cheeky lyrics, a fast-paced melody that is as catchy as hell, and rap vocals that are so damned cool I had listened to the song 8 times before I started to write about it.

Listen to Creepy Nut’s ‘Yofukashi no Uta’, the Call of the Night ending theme song, on the anime’s teaser trailer (and aren’t those graphics cool?) and then on the song’s full-length video.

Call of the Night isn’t premiering until July, 2022. God help me, I will have worn out the video by then.

More info on the hip hop duo: Creepy Nuts official website



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