Can Saara Aalto win Eurovision 2018 for Finland?

Can Saara Aalto win Eurovision 2018 for Finland?

Finland announced their choice of artist for Eurovision 2018 last week — and it is Saara Aalto. A Finnish singer songwriter who has been trying to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest since 2011.


Twice before, Saara Aalto has participated in national qualifying rounds for ESC – in 2011 and 2016 — but both times ended up in second place.

This year, however, Aalto was internally chosen by the Finnish broadcaster Yle as the country’s representative. Now it is up to the public to choose which song she will sing, with three of them in the running.

Aalto will perform all three songs during a public broadcast next March. The Finnish public will then vote on their favorite.

Aalto is well-known in the UK as a contestant on The X-Factor UK 2016. A competition she placed in as runner-up to winner Matt Terry.

That is also why there was a rumor recently that she may end up representing the UK at Eurovision next year. Particularly as she currently lives in London.

It was not to be, however, with Aalto eventually deciding to represent her home country of Finland instead.

A good decision for Finland as, with Aalto as the Finnish representative, they are likely to do a lot better than they have done in recent years — not having qualified for the ESC final since 2014 with Softengine.

As for Saara Aalto, she has a stunning voice, a massive stage presence and can definitely wow a huge crowd, so should do well at Eurovision 2018 — depending on the song she eventually sings, of course.

The only thing that could let her down a little is she has an odd dress sense that often makes her look less than lovely on stage. Let’s hope she is taken in hand for Eurovision 2018 by someone with a little more fashion sense than she.

Meanwhile, watch Finland’s announcement of Saara Aalto as ESC representative in the video below. Yep, she looks ecstatic. Good for her!

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