Cate Blanchett Most Beautiful Woman on the Planet? Check Out These Photos

I’ve loved Australian actress Cate Blanchett since I first saw her in her role as Queen Elizabeth I in the movie ‘Elizabeth‘ more than 15 years aog. I must admit, however, I’ve never thought of her as stereotypically beautiful. Attractive, yes, and a damned good actress, but not really ‘beautiful’.

Not until the last few years, when Cate Blanchett seems to have grown into her own and become the most beautiful woman on the planet. Or, at least, one of them. Because look at these photos of Cate Blanchett. The most gorgeous photos you’ve ever seen.

Stylistically gorgeous, facially beautiful, always absolutely glowing and with a ‘presence’ that just exudes from every photo. Really. Every photo. In fact, it was so difficult for me to choose beautiful Cate Blanchett photos to show you to illustrate my point, as there are just so damned many of them.

That’s why, after you’ve looked at these, you need to go to Getty Photos, and do a search for ‘Cate Blanchett’, and then just gaze in awe at how spectacular she looks on just about all the 2,000 plus photographs they have of her. Because she really is stunning.


Michelle Topham