Celebrities Read Mean Tweets: Oh God, Was I Mean, Nasty and Cruel? (Video)

dr phil mean tweets


Oh my GOD, how did I miss these?

A whole slew of Jimmy Kimmel Live videos of celebrities reading ‘mean tweets’.

Filmed at the beginning of the year, the video series is supposed to make people aware that what they’re tweeting to celebrities might be a bit rude and, yes, cause pain — BEFORE they send it.

The series includes celebrities like Matt Damon, Kristen Stewart, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hanks, Kristen Bell, Kathy Griffin, Andy Dick, David Spade, and a whole boatload of others reading off some of the mean tweets they’ve received. Some are funny, some are sad, and some are just…… incredibly cruel.

And now, I’m rushing off to my Twitter account to check what some of the ones I’ve sent say……. (although I only usually tweet one celebrity and, then, a few hours later delete it when I realize I am………mortified.)

Meanwhile, watch some of the mean ones below.



Michelle Topham