Celine Dion Will Return to Las Vegas in Late August with Revamped Show


According to People magazine, Celine Dion is getting ready to return to Caesars Palace’s Colosseum in Las Vegas in late August with a revamped show, after taking a year off to help care for her husband, René Angelil, who was diagnosed with throat cancer for the second time last year.

Celine has also filmed an interview with Good Morning America, where she talks about what it’s been like coping with her husband’s illness, how it has brought her and her family closer together, and what she plans for her new show. That interview will air next week.

When Celine left Vegas last year, however, it was not just Angelil’s illness that was causing her to depart. According to Caesars Palace at the time, she was also suffering from an illness that was causing an inflammation of her throat, which prevented her from singing.

As she is now planning on returning to Las Vegas, one can only presume she has recovered from that illness as well.

And, of course, just to be reminded of what an incredible Las Vegas show she put on watch Celine Dion singing ‘My Heart Will Go On‘ in 2012, and then start saving your money for tickets.


Michelle Topham