Channing Tatum and Seth Meyers on Being Hugged By Big Men – Fabulous (Video)

channing tatum and seth meyers hugging big men

Channing Tatum and Seth Meyers liked being hugged by big men

Actor Channing Tatum was on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Wednesday night where, among other things he talked about whose house he would run to in a zombie apocalypse (Sandra Bullock’s), why trying to cross a glacier was a big big mistake, and about wanting to know what it would feel like being hugged by a big man.

Yep. Channing and Seth got into the topic of being hugged by big men, and ended up sounding like a couple of girls. In a very funny, sweet and I’m-totally-comfortable-with-who-I-am way.

And don’t you love that times are changing so much men can now be more open about how they feel, who they are and what they’re interested in finding out about? Even if it is just what it feels like to be hugged by someone so much bigger than you.

Watch Channing Tatum and Seth Meyers talk about why they liked being hugged by big men, and then rewind it and watch it again. I did. Four times. Because they’re both so fabulous.


Michelle Topham

Michelle Topham

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