Cheryl Cole Talks About How Being Kind to X Factor Contestants is Important (Video)

chery cole x factor red carpet

I love British singer Cheryl Cole. She’s beautiful, funny, charming and, yes, kind. In interviews, she’s always lovely to anyone who interviews her and, when talking about other people, tries not to be mean or nasty.

That’s why it’s not surprising to see Cheryl Cole talking about how being kind to X Factor contestants is really important. Even if what they’re doing isn’t particularly great.

As she says in this lovely ODE interview when asked how she’ll react to X Factor contestants on the new season of the show, “I’m just going to be honest…….in a way that’s not offensive. I think it’s important when someone comes in with a dream that you don’t just cut them like Simon can…….I think it’s fair to be truthful, but there’s a way”.

Watch the interview with Cheryl Cole below, along with comments from Simon Cowell, Mel B and Louise Walsh. And, yes, Simon has some pretty funny things to say about Cheryl too.