Cheryl Cole’s ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ Hits #1 on UK Top 40 Singles List

cheryl cole crazy stupid love number 1 UK top 40 singles

British singer Cheryl Cole was all excited when she arrived on her MissCheryl Instagram page a few hours ago to report her latest single ‘Crazy Stupid Love’ has just hit the #1 spot on the UK Top 40 Singles list. Personally, I’m not surprised as it’s an awesome song with a fabulous video.

In her Instagram message accompanying her photo of the #1 spot, Cheryl Cole said:



WE DID IT!!! NO.1!!!! You guys are incredible.. Thank you so much for your loyalty, love and support !!! I love you like Crazyyy !!


Yep. Like I said. Excited. And can you honestly blame her? That’s a great achievement as the competition for that coveted #1 UK Top 40 Singles spot is always very high.

Well done, Cheryl. Highly highly deserved.


Michelle Topham