Chinese MMO Monster Hunter Online Closed Beta Starts June 28th (Lesson 1 and 2 Videos)

Tencent Games MMO Monster Hunter Online is due to go into closed beta on June 28th so, as you can imagine, we’re likely to see a few more videos coming out. Two of the first were released today and show ‘Lesson 1 and ‘Lesson 2’ in the closed beta.

In the first, you briefly get to see what the in-game world looks like (gorgeous, I might add). In Lessson 2 you can watch a Monster Hunter attacking an enormous bison-like monster with huge tusks and, yep, she’s using a gigantic sword . Of course, if you’re not in China or don’t speak Chinese, you may have a problem accessing the game as, right now, it’s only slated for release in China.

Monster Hunter Online uses Crytek’s CryEngine 3 and, if the latest videos are anything to go by, it’s using it very well. Enormous monsters that look like they’re a cross with at least two animals and then inflated by 200 percent, and yes  have horns, scale and breath fire. I’m psyched, especially when you thrown in the completely rad armour Monster Hunters get to customize and wear.

Unfortunately, while rumours still abound that Monster Hunter Online will eventually be released in Japan, Europe and North America, no-one connected to Tencent Games or Capcom, the publisher, has mentioned any such thing. Crytek did have a message on their website saying the MMO would release worldwide but that didn’t last long before it was removed. So, for gamers outside China itching to play Monster Hunter Online, your guess is as good as mine as to whether you’ll ever be able to.


But, you can at least check out the Monster Hunter Online Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 videos below. Nice, eh?



Michelle Topham