Chris Pine Does A Great Impression of Jeff Bridges Laughing (Video)

chris pine jeff bridges laugh jimmy fallon

Actor Chris Pine appeared on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night where, along with talking about being nominated for an Emmy (in the Character Voice-Over Performance category for ‘SuperMansion‘), he did an awesome impression of Jeff Bridges laughing.

Chris Pine, of course, stars with Jeff Bridges in the upcoming movie Hell Or High Water.

Pine said about Bridges (and his laugh), “Let me tell you something. Every wish you have about Jeff Bridges is absolutely true. He’s The Dude. (And his laugh) It’s so cute. It’s so cute.”


And sure, while Bridges may have a cute laugh, I doubt he’s as cute as Chris Pine is talking about it.

Of course, Pine is always cute on talk shows, as you might remember if you saw him on The Graham Norton Show a couple of years ago¬†competing with Benedict Cumberbatch for ‘having the best fans’.

And gotta say, still loving Chris Pine’s fabulous beard. Studly.

Hell Or High Water will be in movie theaters in the U.S. in August. Meanwhile, watch Chris Pine talking about Jeff Bridges ‘cute’ laugh in the video below. So sweet.



Michelle Topham