Christina Perri Talks About Her Tattoos, Why She Has Them and What They Are (Video)


This is an old video, but if you have not seen Christina Perri talking about her tattoos, you must watch it.


Recorded back in 2012, at that time Christina had 40 tattoos. Who knows how many she has now, (more than 70 is the number I last heard?) but as she gets new tattoos every few weeks, chances are it is quite a lot more.

And I have to say I have always loved Christina Perri’s tattoos, but I’ve loved them even more after I first watched this video where she explains what some of them are and why she got them.

Tattoos like ‘Mom’ (of course!), ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’ (Shakespeare quote and how she lives her life, refusing to change herself into who others want her to be), and a fabulous tattoo rendering of a gorgeous Audrey Kawasaki painting.

Watch the video below if you want to know more about Christina Perri’s tattoos, or if you want some ideas before you get one of your own.

I am getting a tattoo of my own on my forearm next month. But…..I’m not telling you what. (*Here’s what I got!!! 🙂 )