Christina Perri’s Album ‘Head or Heart’ on Sale on iTunes: Well Worth the Buy (Video)

christina perri head or heart


Just a quick heads up but, as just tweeted by Christina Perri herself, her album ‘Head or Heart‘ is now on sale (or at a ‘special price‘ as she calls it) on iTunes.

At only $7.99, it’s an incredible deal, as I did buy it back in April when it was first released and more expensive and, yes, it’s still one of my favorites of this year. Weirdly, many critics weren’t too enamoured of it saying it was “technically proficient” but not much else, but me? I just loved the ballads.


Honestly, though, even if I only liked ‘Human‘, and ‘Sea of Lovers‘ (which is not remotely true), I’d still pay the $7.99 for it as those two songs are that wonderful.

Here’s Christina Perry’s tweet – now go and buy her album. She’s talented, her songs are beautiful and she, of course, is lovely.

And, of course, don’t miss listening to her sing ‘Human’. This version is at Vienna’s Life Ball but I loved it more than any other.

Michelle Topham