Christina Perri’s Instagram Account Always Makes Me Smile

christina perri instagram


Can I just say I love checking out Christina Perri‘s Instagram account? It’s full of the most beautiful photographs of Christina and all of them have a feeling of her being so ‘in love with life’, just looking at them always makes me smile.

She’s a lovely, lovely girl is Christina Perri anyway but, even if you knew nothing about her, you’d still think that if you stumbled onto her on Instragram.

Check out a couple of her pics below, just to see what I mean. Now don’t they make you smile?



photo by @ryanpavlov

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One of the newest Instagram photos of Christina Perri in concert. Just look at that gorgeous smile, and those amazing tattoos. She really is stunning and always looks so happy on stage.



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I lived in Dallas for years and wasn’t a particular fan of the city most of the time, but Christina Perri makes it look kind of cool.


canada you’ve been rad! byeeeeeeeeeeee!

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And, yeah, Canada. And yep, that body? Awesome.

Michelle Topham