Chrono Trigger Patch #5 makes the game fabulous to play — Yay!

If you were one of the many disappointed fans that bought JRPG Chrono Trigger on Steam earlier in the year, only to discover Square Enix had done nothing but dump an horrendous port of the mobile version on the distribution platform, with nasty, blurred graphics and frustrating gameplay — boy, are you going to be happy this weekend.

Because, instead of just dumping and leaving, like many developers would have done, Square Enix not only kept releasing patches in an effort to make the PC version of Chrono Trigger more playable, but this weekend they have released a final PC patch that makes this game beautiful.

The Chrono Trigger Patch #5 update has a lot of updated new content, but the things you are probably going to like the most are these:

  1. The ability to change key bindings, so the game is suddenly a lot more comfortable to play.
  2. A bug causing the game not to open correctly on some PCs with certain graphics cards is now fixed.
  3. An extras section has been added so, once you finish the game, you will be able to unlock the game’s movies. There will also be a library of illustrations you can browse, and you will be able to view any endings that have been unlocked.
  4. And finally, as weirdly this was never there before, you can now use the keyboard to type in your name.

Check out all the information about these features and the rest in the Chrono Trigger Patch #5 update on Steam.

Features that, from the few new reviews that have gone up on Steam since the update was released, show fans are very happy to finally have a Chrono Trigger on PC they can actually play and love.

And, if you still want to be sure the Chrono Trigger Patch #5 makes the game fabulous to play before you buy it, watch Nova Crystallis‘s video on the subject below.

You should be able to see immediately how much better the game now is. Hallelujah!

Michelle Topham