Civ 5: Brave New World Introduces World Congress and Diplomacy (Video Trailer)

Picked up all the other Civilization 5 expansion packs? Then you don’t want to miss this one. The Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion pack, releasing on July 12th everywhere else except America. They get it on the 9th.

As someone who is often more interested in diplomacy and politics than in battles and massacres, the Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion pack is one of the more interesting ones they’ve created. The video trailer Firaxis Games just released showing some of the features in the diplomacy centered expansion  peaked my interest even more.

In this expansion, the alliances you choose will be far more important than arming your country or declaring war, and the World Congress will be necessary when it comes to things like implementing trade sanctions against other countries or working towards nuclear non-proliferation.

You can watch the Civilization 5: Brave New World expansion pack video trailer below, and then head off to pre-order it at GameStop for $29.99, or at GamersGate for $26.95. As of yet, in Europe, does not have Brave New World listed, so we can’t give you a link to that pre-order form.

Michelle Topham