Colin Firth Tells Conan Elton John is a very good actor and will steal the movie ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’

Most of the cast of the upcoming movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle appeared on a Comic-Con panel with Conan last night.

And one of the things they talked about with Conan was having Elton John star in the movie with them, as he is one of the world’s biggest icons. Because even for famous actors like Colin Firth, Taron Egerton, Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges, being in a movie with Elton John was apparently still very strange.

“Elton John’s one of those people that I hadn’t actually considered was a real person until I met him, “said Taron Egerton, “Do you know what I mean? All of a sudden he’s there and it’s like “Oh no, you are actually a human being”.

He then went on to say how good he is in the movie, with Colin Firth vehemently agreeing.

“He’s extraordinary in the movie, and he’s every bit a real person, said Firth.  “I mean there’s the larger than life because, you know, we’ve seen him as a chicken and Donald Duck….and the songs have gone through just about every era of my life.

And then you just get this really sweet guy who’s an extraordinary pro, he’s a very very good actor. And I think there’s a serious danger he will steal the movie”.

Elton John plays himself in Kingsman: The Golden Circle, but a highly fictionalized version of himself and, as most actors will tell you, playing yourself is often more difficult than playing another character.

We will see just how well Elton John acts in Kingsman: The Golden Circle when it releases on September 22nd.

Until then, have a look at what some of the cast members say about him and the film in the Conan video below, as well as hear why Colin Firth tried on Elton John’s clothes.

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