Command & Conquer Beta Video Shows Off Badass Generals

I’ve been watching the free-to-play online Command & Conquer for quite a while now, a game EA seems to be investing quite heavily in. That’s also, of course, why the game got some nice E3 2013 love yesterday, with a brand new & Conquer beta video showing off some extremely badass generals.

The beta video trailer was released at E3 to remind people the beta registration is now live on the Command & Conquer site and to show how different it is than the original games in the C&C series.


Of course, it being EA, gamers are rightfully suspicious about how much gameplay is actually going to cost in this so-called free-to-play game, as EA rarely gives something for nothing.

But, even though I was initially irritated about the lack of a good single-player campaign and the game going free-to-play, I’d now say reserve judgement until you’ve signed up and been accepted in the beta, as EA swears it’s going to be possible to play the game without handing over your first born for upgrades.

The official beta video does look nice, though. In fact, I’ve already picked out my favorite Command & Conquer general, should I decide to play it, as she looks like she can kick some major ass with just some basic equipment.

Michelle Topham