Conchita Wurst at Allsång på Skansen: Always Polite and Smiling, Even With Reporters (Video)

conchita sweden 6

One of the many many things I love about Conchita Wurst is how polite she always is. And how much she smiles. Even when being bothered by reporters, like at Allsång på Skansen in Stockholm last night, she still smiles and says “Sorry” as she walks past and does answer two simple question even though she doesn’t have to.

The questions?   What did she think about singing at Allsång på Skansen? And what was she going to do for the evening now her performance was over?

Watch the Aftonbladet video below for her answers and, of course, that gorgeous smile. (And my apologies, but the video does play automatically and there is nothing I can do about that).


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