Conchita Wurst Golden Globes Interview: Je Suis Charlie and Freedom of Speech (Video)

conchita wurst freedom of expression je suis charlie

Conchita Wurst was on the Golden Globes red carpet last night, where she was interviewed about a tweet she had posted earlier in the day, and her thoughts on ‘Je Suis Charlie‘ – the slogan now being used by supporters of free speech after the attack of and murders at the offices of the French newspaper Charlie Hebdo last week. Conchita’s tweet asked people to unite for “peace and freedom, and freedom of expression’, and news media at the Golden Globes wanted to know more.

Conchita was asked by one interviewer to talk about ‘Je Suis Charlie‘ and freedom of speech in the context of the Golden Globes, one of the most glamorous events on the planet. How did freedom of speech apply there? A place all about celebrating and having fun?

As eloquent as always, of course, Conchita explained, “I think that’s important to celebrate and have fun. But, on the other hand, those events like the Golden Globes and other big award shows, they are so important to show that the freedom of expression is so so important. We are all artists, we perform, and entertain people in very different ways, and we should be allowed to do that without being scared.”

Let’s face it, that’s what Conchita Wurst is all about anyway. Being accepted and being herself, and doing what she wants to make her happy and to entertain people, while never wanting to feel afraid for being ‘different’.

For more on what Conchita thinks about freedom of expression and ‘Je Suis Charlie’ (did you notice the ‘Je Suis Charlie‘ sticker on her dress, by the way?), as well as her thoughts on making Eurovision a global event, watch the video below.

Update: The original video was unfortunately removed from YouTube (will never understand why TV stations do that (?), so this is a different one with Conchita still at the Golden Globes speaking about the same subject, but with a different network.