Conchita Wurst is Crashing My Hard Drive, And I Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way

Conchita on Facebook fashion show sneak preview August 25, 2014
Just one of the many recent ones now sitting on my soon-to-be-crashing hard drive – copyright Conchita Wurst (and if she sues me for using it, I’ll have to sue her for stealing my heart and destroying my hard drive)

I’m a writer, so my laptop is my life. But presently, it’s making some rather distressing sounds. That’s because it’s so ridiculously overloaded with videos and photos of Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst, there isn’t much room for anything else. In fact, if my hard drive crashes, I’m blaming her.

What’s even more distressing about this current affair is this — I am far too old to be collecting photographs and videos of a singer. Even one as fabulous as the lovely Ms. Wurst.

That’s because the last time I did this I was 13-years-old and the singer was……..   Never mind. I’m not telling you. But let’s just say it was before laptops or computers of any kind, and long before any computer engineer had ever thought of creating my present 1 terabyte hard drive.

And no, I’m not going to tell you how many gigabytes of that 1 terabyte hard drive belong to Conchita Wurst. Let’s just say, too many.

So today, I’m buying an external hard drive, and I’ll be spending my evening moving the hundreds of Conchita Wurst videos and photographs off my laptop and onto it. After all, Conchita Wurst is singing at Padova Pride Village in Italy today, which means more interview videos and pictures to download tomorrow.

And, if I download even one more Conchita Wurst-related thing, it’s not going to be the phoenix that dies by fire. Although my laptop may very well rise out of its own ashes. For vengeance and for retribution.

But, seriously, Ms. Wurst. You’re fabulous and I wouldn’t have it any other way.