Conchita Wurst on NDR’s DAS! Elegant, Beautiful and Incredibly Composed (Video)

If you watch a video of Conchita Wurst from before Eurovision 2014, then compare it to a video from the present, you will quickly see how much she has changed. It’s not just the way she looks, though that is striking enough — the sleeker, more elegant and more understated Conchita Wurst we get to enjoy today — to me, it is even more obvious when you watch how she behaves.

Something that really stuck out for me when Conchita appeared on the German TV show DAS! this week. A show that was carried out entirely in German, so one I barely understood.

Which was good, because it forced me to concentrate on her body language instead of what she said.

And that’s when it hit me how much Conchita Wurst has grown. And how, in just 15 months, she has gone from someone with sometimes spotty stage presence when performing, and too much of a need to please when being interviewed, to someone who now is so comfortable in her skin she exudes a confidence she never had before.

Conchita Wurst’s best live performance so far? ‘River Deep, Mountain High‘ in Poland

A confidence that is so beautiful to watch, even if I don’t understand more than 10 words she’s saying, I could still watch her for hours.

Conchita Wurst on NDR’s DAS!

Conchita Wurst was on DAS! for an hour. A 30 minute interview, followed by 30 minutes of #AskConchita questions. Questions sent in by fans, so less of the same-old-same-old most journalists seem to ask.

And, although with my abysmal German, the only things I learnt were that she really really loves Jane Fonda, and specifically her latest show ‘Grace and Frankie‘. That she and I did not like the same songs at Eurovision 2015. And that, when it comes to food, “all things Italian” float her boat. But, I didn’t mind.

Because it was her body language I was hooked on. As she now has this incredible grace when she speaks, and a way of just being that makes her appear so calm, I’m even more drawn to her than before.

At every question, there is no rush to answer, but instead she thinks thoughtfully about each. And when you consider she is on live TV, to have that kind of composure is actually quite astonishing. Particularly as she has no idea what the questions will be.

Even with some of the slightly more surprising questions, she still takes her time to answer, and only someone so sure of herself, and so happy with who she is, could pull that off.

Yet at the same time, she’s not boring, or dull, or sleep inducing. Instead she’s funny, and smart (and, yes, I can tell smart even in another language), and incredibly cute.

Plus,we still get all those lovely mannerisms she has — the shoulder shrug, the one raised eyebrow, the coquettish smile, the tongue flick — but all now done in a way that is no longer frantic or nervous, but instead beautifully self-assured.

Now, this is in German.

conchita das

In English, she hasn’t quite mastered this yet, as she still lets herself become rattled when a question isn’t quite what she expects.

Then again. Second language. Spoken fluently, and with a beautiful accent, and perfect use of slang. And with an ability to tell the smartest and funniest and most surprising jokes you rarely see in a non-native speaker.

Which tells me, the former English teacher to non-native speakers, give her a few months and, with the incredible speed with which she is changing, she will be at that level of German ‘cool’ in English as well.

Finally, when I watch Conchita Wurst on DAS!, it really is hard to believe how young she still is. Because she has the composure, self-confidence, and thirst for continuing to learn and grow, of someone far older. And I really really love that.

Now watch Conchita Wurst on DAS! below, and marvel in how almost perfect she is.

Yes, sadly, she did go with ‘Conchita Without The Wurst’ again. Something that continues to make her seem less of a diva than she really is, particularly in comparison to her recent trip to Portugal where she was ‘Wursted’, whether she liked it or not.

And something that, for now at least, I’m going to keep pointing out every chance I get. Because, that, it’s the only thing that’s just not right about her nowadays. Sorry, love.

Besides, if you wanted someone to lie to you, then you shouldn’t be reading me.

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