Conchita Wurst Says All of Austria is Excited: Countdown to Eurovision 2015

conchita on esc 2015

Conchita Wurst says “The whole country is excited” about Eurovision 2015

Time for another Countdown to Eurovision 2015 video (11 days to Semi Final 1 and 15 days to the Grand Final), and who better to be the person behind it today than last year’s Eurovision winner, Conchita Wurst. One of the best, most professional and most gracious ambassadors for Eurovision I have ever seen.

Conchita was interviewed by ESC in London a couple of weeks ago, where she was attending the Eurovision 60th Anniversary Conference, and singing at the London Eurovision Party, and much of her conversation was about Eurovision 2015 taking place in Vienna — how she felt about seeing all the preparations, and how most of Austria was feeling.


And, while she’s talking about the rest of the country, I can’t even imagine how happy, excited and proud she must be, and what an amazing end to a truly phenomenal year she’s going to have at that Grand Final in Vienna.

Besides, let’s face it, if it wasn’t for Conchita Wurst and her incredible talent, drive, lovely personality and, of course, her perseverance against an ocean full of bigots, Austria would not be hosting Eurovision 2015.

So, yes, the whole country should be excited, and incredibly grateful, as they owe her a lot.

Now, watch Conchita Wurst talk about Eurovision 2015 below. Doesn’t she always just make you smile? She does me. And aren’t you excited to see her at Eurovision 2015 in Vienna? I can hardly wait.