Conchita Wurst Wins ‘Greatest Moment of the Year’ at Attitude Awards (Video)

conchita wurst attitude awards

Conchita Wurst has had a busy week.

Not only did she speak at the Observer Ideas Festival on Sunday night in London, she was also at the Attitude Awards in the same city on Monday where she sang and received an award for ‘Greatest Moment of the Year‘ – that being her winning Eurovision, of course.

Conchita was presented with the award by the fabulous celebrity chef Nigella Lawson, who commented, “Despite all the progress in equality laws, this hasn’t been a great year for Europe – or, frankly, anywhere else in the world. But who’d have thought that the Eurovision Song Contest could shine as a beacon of hope against the face of prejudice?”

She then announced Conchita Wurst as the winner of ‘Greatest Moment of the Year‘, something Conchita herself seemed to be surprised about when she made it up on stage.

“Thank you. But aren’t the winners supposed to know that they are going to win? Because I prepared nothing. And now I’m standing here just with my beard and…..”

Conchita then went on to give an absolutely beautiful little speech in which she mentioned how touched she has been that her Eurovision win has affected so many people — people who have changed their own lives because of her.

What was even more touching, however, was how overwhelmed she looked as she spoke. After all, let’s face it, it’ has been a helluva year for Conchita Wurst so far, and it is just getting better and better.

Congratulations, Conchita and let me just say, honestly, the award could not have possibly gone to anyone else.