Cool Timelapse Video of James Corden’s Late Late Show Set Build (Video)

set build late late show with james corden

Just about everyone is saying how much they love the set on the new The Late Late Show with James Corden. It looks cool, feels cozy and the way Corden has the guests come in all at the same time, instead of separately, and then all sit together on a big sofa a la Graham Norton is awesome.

So, I thought this timelapse video of the set build for The Late Late Show with James Corden was interesting, as it shows exactly how a TV show set is built from nothing but the basic sound set in Studio 56 on the CBS lot right up to the finished product. A hell of a lot of work but, man, it looks amazing.

According to CBS, it took the Late Late Show 37 days to come up with the concept, design it and then build it. Worth the time I’d say.

Watch it all get put together below.

Michelle Topham