Creepy Nuts’ ‘Bling-Bang-Bang-Born’ the Mashle S2 OP is a BANGER! Listen and watch (videos)

The first time I heard the Mashle, Season 2 opening theme song, I was immediately transported back to another of my favorite OPs — Creepy Nuts’ ‘Yofukashi no Uta’, the ending theme to the superb Call of the Night anime series.


Because, yep, the Mashle song has that same funky vibe.

It was no surprise, therefore, to learn the Mashle, Season 2 opening theme song was yet another Creepy Nuts gem.

This time Creepy Nuts’ ‘Bling-Bang-Bang-Born‘ is the Mashle, Season 2 opening theme song, and a track that was officially released on January 7th, 2024.


Creepy Nuts’ ‘Bling-Bang-Bang-Born‘ the best opening theme of 2024 so far?

Sure, it may be quite a bit premature to name Creepy Nuts’ ‘Bling-Bang-Bang-Born‘ the best opening theme song of 2024, given that we are only nine days into the new year.

But, you have to admit, when it comes to anime theme songs, the Japanese hip hop unit just does it so much better than most.

After all, not only is Creepy Nuts’ ‘Bling-Bang-Bang-Born‘ completely unique, crazy addictive and supremely danceable, it also seems to embody the spirit of Mashle.

An anime populated by some of the weirdest and most non-conformist characters in anime today, musically illustrated by one of the most non-conformist (and weirdest?) music duos out of Japan right now.

The song was written by band members R-Shitei (lyrics) and DJ Matsunaga (composition and arrangement), and came out on the Sony Music label on January 7th.

It also has a cool, addictive and head-nodding instrumental version released along with it. (Listen below)

Listen to Creepy Nuts’ ‘Bling-Bang-Bang-Born‘, the Mashle, Season 2 opening theme song, in the video below, and via Spotify.

The song has already earned almost 350,000 streams on Spotify in just the last two days, and close to 150,000 plays on YouTube.

You can also hear the cool opening theme song via the Mashle, Season 2 animated opening below, which was just uploaded to YouTube by Aniplex (1.2 million plays in two days) (watch below).

Creepy Nuts, by the way, was founded in 2013 and has since become one of the most popular hip hop groups in Japan.

The duso has three full-length albums out, two mini albums, two EPS and a slew of singles. (more info via the hip hop duo’s official website)

The high-energy duo is currently known for their previously banging opening theme song ‘Yofukashi no Uta‘ for Call of the Night, and the insert song ‘Daten featured in the same anime.

You can stream or buy their ‘Bling-Bang-Bang-Born‘ track now via these links.