Croatia’s Nina Kraljić Has Waves Motif Cut in Her Hair to Promote ‘Lighthouse’ for Eurovision 2016

waves 3

It’s the day of the first week of rehearsals at Eurovision 2016. And something exceptionally cute has already come out of them. This video of Croatian Eurovision 2016 entry, Nina Kraljić, who has gone one step above and beyond when it comes to promoting her song ‘Lighthouse. How? 

Kraljić has had the back of her hair shortened more than normal, and has had a waves motif cut into the back and sides of it. Because, as Kraljić explained, when she has her hair cut she “always puts little details behind it. I think it’s more personal that way”.

She went on to say about her waves motif haircut, “We have these motifs and symbols of sea and lighthouse, and it actually goes with Croatia pretty well. Everybody knows about our tourism and our sea.”


As she says, it’s a great way to promote her song and Croatia, and just adds even more fun to the whole Eurovision 2016 experience. Check out Nina Kraljić’s wave haircut in the video below. I love it!

Michelle Topham