Crunchyroll English dub delay for Winter 2023 anime blames ‘inclement weather’ – another instance of anime industry’s unreliability

Revenger Episode 3 is just one of the anime whose English dub is now delayed

I laughed when I saw Crunchyroll’s ridiculous excuse for their English dub delay of a slew of currently airing Winter 2023 anime.

Apparently “inclement weather in Dallas, Texas” has delayed the streaming company’s ability to record English dubs of anime series from Revenger, The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World, Buddy Daddies, Sugar Apple Fairy Tale, Blue Lock, My Hero Academia, Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement, Vinland Saga and a slew of others.


Inclement weather in Dallas, Texas, a city I lived in for more than a decade and, in all that time, saw very little weather more severe than a hailstorm or a bit of icy weather for a couple of days that disappeared as fast as it arrived.

In fact, Dallas, while it might be hotter than hell for half of the year (but not in the winter), is known for having pretty predictable weather for most of the year, including the winter.

So, I checked the past weather in Dallas for the last month to find out what this “inclement weather” is that delayed English dubs of just about every anime they are currently streaming.

According to Time and Date, since the beginning of January, the weather in Dallas has been normal for most of January.

In other words, temperatures an average of 72 degrees Fahrenheit down to a couple of days of highs in the high 30s, and either sunny, a bit cloudy, or with some slight rain or fog.

Sure, there were three or four days at the end of January and into February with freezing rain and some sleet, and anyone who has lived in Dallas knows most Texans cannot drive in any kind of icy weather under any circumstances.

In fact, if you don’t have to go out on the roads in Dallas when there is an ice storm, you don’t, as you can’t trust the idiots driving too fast on the icy roads to not kill you.

That is why then many of Crunchyroll’s currently airing anime are missing English dubs, with the delay into the future apparently as far as February 19th.

And that leads me to ask, “Is a company as successful as Crunchyroll, and one now owned by Sony, unable to either use several locations for their dubs and so not rely on voice actors in one city for every anime, or unable to set up remote taping for their actors so something as stupid as “inclement weather” doesn’t affect their English dub schedule?”


Blue Lock‘s English sub of Episode 15 is also delayed

Anime industry just isn’t reliable sadly

Then again, the Crunchyroll English dub delay for Winter 2023 anime is indicative of much of the anime industry overall.

An industry that seems to wait until the absolute last minute to finish episodes of currently airing anime, causing delays of several anime series every season.

And, of course, to then also delay the English dubs of the anime as, if the anime episode hasn’t been completed in Japan, the English dub cannot go ahead either.

Add “inclement weather” then to other ongoing Crunchyroll delays of anime for the Winter 2023 season. Along with the “Covid excuse” some Japanese anime studios are still using for their inability to produce episodes on time.

I am talking to you Studio CONNECT and your ongoing delay of Ayakashi Triangle, and you PINE JAM, who have now delayed Kubo Won’t Let Me Be Invisible until April (yep, April) because… “Covid”.

Honestly, it would be laughable. If the inability to be reliable of so many anime-related companies wasn’t so sad.

You can find the full list of English dubs delayed by Crunchyroll for the next few weeks via Anime News Network.

Meanwhile, if you are obsessing over one of the many series whose English dubs are now delayed by Crunchyroll, you may want to consider switching to the subbed version instead.

Unless the Japanese anime studio producing it hasn’t delayed it as well, that is.

Michelle Topham