This Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Let’s Play is in-depth gameplay of the new DLC

Crusader Kings II was released by Paradox Development Studio in early 2012, yet the developer is still pushing out new DLC for it over six years later.

The latest Crusader Kings II expansion pack is called Holy Fury is the 13th for the game, and it just released yesterday.

The expansion pack includes a patch, which changes a huge number of things in the game. The DLC itself adds features like a choice of a Shattered or Random map, warrior lodges, legendary bloodlines, sainthood, coronations, new crusade events, new succession laws and more. (If you want to know about everything included, check out the DLC’s Wiki).


In other words, Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury is one of the best DLCs Paradox has created.

Of course, as soon as a new Crusader Kings II expansion pack is released, YouTube gamers are falling all over themselves to release a Let’s Play of the new content.

For me, though, I simply head to Quill18’s YouTube channel to see how he is playing the new content, as he always has one of the best Let’s Plays you will find online.

And, with the new expansion pack for Crusader Kings II, Quill18 does not disappoint. In fact, his Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Let’s Play not only includes his usual in-depth commentary about the new features of the DLC, but he also makes the gameplay itself fun and engaging to watch.

Quill18’s Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Let’s Play is currently just five videos worth of content and just over two hours of gameplay.


But, as he adds new videos quickly, you can expect his Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Let’s Play to be complete in just a few days.

And, as he is the best strategy game player on the Internet at the moment, you will not find a better Let’s Play of the popular Paradox game to watch.

You can watch the first episode in Quilly18’s Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury Let’s Play in the video below.  You will find his playlist for the Let’s Play on his YouTube channel.

You can buy the Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury expansion pack here.

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Michelle Topham