Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC Gets a Tropical Launch Trailer (Video)

Interested to see what Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC might look like? Or what Electronic Arts may have included in the way of new maps? You don’t have to wait any longer as Crysis 3: The Lost Island DLC just got a launch trailer and it’s obvious new gameplay is going to be jungle-based and tropical. Awesome, I say.

As for what’s included in The Lost Island DLC, the first expansion pack since the game was released, you’ll get four new maps — Creek, Coastline, Ascent and Crossing — two more game modes, and some extra weapons. Not too bad, especially as it’s only $14.99.

Gameplay, by the way, takes place on a small island off the coast of Ling Shan. You’ll remember that name if you played the first game in the series no doubt.

Check out The Lost Island DLC trailer below for more information or just to get a feel of the look of the game. Looks like fun.

Michelle Topham