Cyprus’ John Karayiannis in 2nd Rehearsal at Eurovision 2015 – Lovely Performance (Video)

John Karayiannis - One Thing I Should Have Done rehearsal Eurovision

John Karayiannis is lovely in second rehearsal at Eurovision 2015

John Karayiannis, the Cyprus representative at Eurovision 2015, had his second rehearsal at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna today, and today’s rehearsal was even better than the first one.

The first big difference is the staging has been changed, so that the monochrome at the beginning only lasts for a short while, and then it explodes into color. That alone makes his whole act look so much more alive.


Karayiannis also seems more comfortable than the first rehearsal and, as his voice is always just lovely, he really is starting to come off as an easy qualifier through to the grand final.

Let’s hope so, as his song ‘One Thing I Should Have Done‘ is so underrated. It’s a gorgeous song, and he sings it beautifully.

Watch John Karayiannis’ second rehearsal at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna today. His song and the staging is simple, but it really really works.


Michelle Topham