Dan Bongino earns more views on Rumble than CNN in primetime as news network continues its collapse

screenshot Dan Bongino/Rumble

As a once-loyal viewer of CNN until I dumped the Democrats to become a Republican and, while doing so, realized the network was nothing more than a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party, I have to admit the continuing collapse of the long-time cable news network is glorious to watch.

With the latest figures for cable TV viewership out last week from Nielsen Media Research, it seems CNN’s audience continued to shrink again placing it in 21st place during the primetime hours of 8-11 p.m. ET for all basic cable offerings.

That meant, while Fox News averaged between 1.3 million and almost 2 million viewers during primetime hours, CNN struggled to earn an average of more than 383,000 viewers.

Some evenings earned even less.


Yep, so bad are CNN’s primetime ratings nowadays, even networks like TV Land, MTV, Freeform, Adult Swim, Reelz, BET, Hallmark, FXX, Syfy and Comedy Central beat them.


Dan Bongino beats CNN ratings with every video he releases on Rumble

Someone who made me laugh about CNN’s horrendous ratings though was Republican political commentator Dan Bongino.

A man who is a Fox News contributor and once the owner of a very successful YouTube channel. Until he was kicked off last year due to YouTube’s censorship of anything that did not fit the government narrative about Covid-19.


Dan Bongino’s “crime” at the time?

Stating in one video that masks did not stop the spread of Covid. Something that has now been scientifically proven over and over again.

Due to that correct statement, Bongino’s YouTube channel was shut down and he was forced to move to Rumble. A video platform that does not practice censorship of any kind.

Since his move, though, Dan Bongino’s videos have continued to gain massive numbers of viewers.

His Rumble channel now has over 2.6 million followers, and most of his videos earn between 500,000 views and over 850,000.

Numbers he wasn’t even seeing on YouTube before his channel was shut down.

As Bongino himself commented at the end of a video yesterday titled “Is Trump In Danger?” (watch below), his own views per video are now on average more than double those of every show on CNN during primetime.

On a video platform nowhere near as popular as YouTube (yet!), and in a format that doesn’t require the huge amounts of money CNN is spending on their still-failing shows.

Leaving me to comment, while I watch around half of Dan Bongino’s videos on Rumble and disagree with at least 30 percent of what he says most days, I am pleased that a man who has been the target of extreme left-wing “activists” for several years is experiencing the immense success he is now getting.

As someone who is also beyond tired of being lied to by the mainstream media I am even more pleased that, if CNN does not start to deliver actual news instead of their on-going cover up for the Democrats and their failing policies, it is likely a year or two from now the long-time cable news network will no longer exist.

No great loss at this stage though is it, eh?


Steve Reynolds