Daniel Radcliffe Has a Good German Accent, Even If He Doesn’t Speak German (Video)

Daniel Radcliffe Have I Got News For You

Actor Daniel Radcliffe was the host of the first episode of series 49 of the BBC TV show Have I Got News For You this week where, during a segment about David Cameron eating something that appalled the Germans, he had to read a couple of sentences in German.

And, surprisingly, while Radcliffe explained he had “never taken a German lesson” in his life before he started, he read the German segment in pretty decent German.


So much so, German speakers on YouTube were soon commenting things like ” I am German and it’s easy to understand him. So well done Daniel”.

Looks like Daniel Radcliffe isn’t just an amazing actor. He’s also quite a good mimic when it comes to languages as well. Watch him below.


Michelle Topham