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Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter Fame, Set To Star in ‘The Woman in Black’

Based on Susan Hill’s book of the same name, “The Woman In Black” is soon going to be made into a Hollywood moving starring Harry Potter’s Daniel Radcliffe.

If you love ghost stories, you’ll love this one, as it’s a truly scary ghost story set in Victorian England.

Daniel Radcliffe will be playing the part of Arthur Kipps, a young solicitor (lawyer) who goes to a remote village to attend the funeral of an old woman who is a client of the firm he works for.

At the funeral, he sees a woman dressed all in black, feels uneasy and, yep, that’s when the spooky stuff starts.

I read the book “The Woman in Black” a few years ago and am thrilled Daniel Radcliffe will be playing the role of Arthur Kipps. He’s actually just as I imagined him to be.

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