Danish Singer Cisilia’s ‘Vi To Datid Nu’ is a Cool, Uptempo Number (Video)



Danish singer Cisilia Ismailova is only 16 years old, yet she’s already signed a contract with Universal Recording, and has had a hit single in Denmark with her reggae-rap inspired song ‘Vi To Datid Nu‘.

Cisilia, however, is not new to the music scene having performed in clubs since she was eight years old. She says she always wanted to have a career in music too, as music is her life.

Cisilia was born and grew up in Amager, Denmark but has Macedonian and Moroccan roots. That may explain the more exotic feel to her music than more typical Danish singers, as she has said in interviews her mother loves to sing so she learnt a lot from her. Whatever it is, she has a fabulous voice and should go very very far.

I particularly love Cisilia’s song ‘Vi To Datid Nu‘, as it’s so uptempo, catchy and cool. Listen to it below. Cool, eh?


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