Darkspore Back on Steam and The Game is Still Broken: Don’t Buy It

I’ve always said Steam and its parent company Valve couldn’t give a damn about its customers, as long as it continues to make boatloads of money that is. So, today when I saw Darkspore is back on Steam and it’s still broken, I wasn’t surprised. After all, Steam has been selling Darkspore for over two years even though thousands of users have reported that Darkspore bugs and error messages make it impossible to play the darn game.

You’ve got to love a mega American corporation like Valve that does a great job with its PR of providing a ‘gaming community’ when, for all intents and purposes, it doesn’t give a damn whether anything it sells you works or not. Not unless the outcry is so deafening they can’t get away with it.

And, as for EA the publishers of Darkspore, they’re continuing to lie when they say developer Maxis is still supporting Darkspore. They’re not, as any gamer who was unfortunate to buy this P.O.S. can tell you.

So, all we can say is this – DO NOT BUY DARKSPORE ON STEAM – IT DOES NOT WORK.

And Steam? They don’t give a damn about you. That’s pretty obvious.

Clear enough for you?