Darkspore Removed From Steam: Another EA Maxis Fail and Customer Ripoff

Looks like yet another EA/Maxis game has become one huge FAIL, after the already massive failure of another Electronic Arts and Maxis game earlier in the year — SimCity. This time, the game is the action RPG Darkspore, which has been removed from Steam after thousands of gamers have complained about DRM causing the game to be virtually unplayable.

Darkspore was released almost two years ago, but complaints from gamers surfaced quickly and have continued ever since (Steam doesn’t exactly move fast when their customers are being ripped off by Electronic Arts, do they?).

In fact, thousands of Darkspore gamers have complained for almost two years that Darkspore DRM caused them not to be able to connect to the game’s servers and to receive a 7300 series error code whenever they tried.


According to one thread in the Darkspore forums, this error is never going to be fixed by Maxis or EA (sound familiar?) so the recommendation was a) don’t buy the game and b) Steam should have deleted it from their digital offerings long ago.

Steam, it seems, has finally listened to their customers and Darkspore has now been removed from the Steam shop.

Situations like this, and EA and Maxis’ constantly ripping off their customers with games that don’t work, are full of bugs that never get fixed ,or servers that are overloaded, makes me think it’s about time gamers started complaining to their elected representatives that the current way the law is set up when it comes to digital game downloads needs to change.

After all, immoral companies like EA are making millions of dollars every year selling games to gamers that are completely broken with no chance of a refund and no recourse. In no other industry would this be allowed and, as EA has proven time and time again it’s going to continue with its shady business practices until some new law stops it, it’s about time gamers said “Enough”.

I’ll write to my elected officials. How about you?

Michelle Topham