Darlene Love Sings Last Ever Performance of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on Letterman

darlene love christmas david letterman


Darlene Love sang her last ever performance of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on The Late Show with David Letterman on Friday night and, as always, she was fabulous.

Love has sung “Christmas” on the Letterman Show every year for 28 years, so it became a kind of ‘tradition’ for many American families — listening to Darlene heralding in the true start of the Christmas season.


With David Letterman announcing 2014 will be his last Christmas hosting the Late Night Show, however, this tradition will also soon come to an end.

According to Darlene Love, however, that’s not because Letterman asked her not to perform the song on a TV show again. It’s just that she feels like that’s where she wants to leave it. On the Letterman Show, for everyone to fondly remember. She will, however, sing the song again, of course, just never on a ‘TV show’.

Listen to Darlene Love singing  “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on Late Night with David Letterman for the very last time. Yep. As awesome as always.


Michelle Topham