David Beckham Tells Graham Norton the History of His Hairstyles (Funny Video)

david beckham hairstyles graham norton


If you’re not a sports fan, like I’m not, you probably haven’t heard David Beckham actually talk that much. You know. You see him playing football, or emerging from some airport somewhere with his wife Victoria and his kids but, other than that, you may not know much about him. So, it was interesting to see David Beckham on The Graham Norton Show this week talking about his hairstyles. Yes. David Beckham’s hairstyles.

In the course of the conversation, he told Graham he didn’t regret any of his numerous hairstyles at all. Not even the ones that almost became an international incident.


But, when Graham went through some of the more famous David Beckham’s hairstyles one by one, it soon turned out that might not actually be the case.

Watch David Beckham and Graham Norton talking about hairstyles. Not quite what you’d expect the famous footballer to be discussing, eh? But definitely funny.


Michelle Topham