David Beckham Wears H&M Modern Essentials Collection in Madrid: Handsome and Stylish


David Beckham was back in Madrid, Spain yesterday to help promote the new H&M Modern Essentials Collection selected by David Beckham and, man, did he look handsome and stylish.

Beckham’s collaboration with high-street store H&M is an expansion of the two’s partnership, with the Spring 2015 Modern Essentials Collection featuring Beckham’s own choice of items from the collection that he personally loves rather than designing the clothing himself. No worries, though, as these pieces suit him to a T.

The H&M Modern Essentials Collection selected by David Beckham has a classic look, with key pieces like a linen bomber jacket, navy blue polo shirt and poplin white shirt perfect to add to an already stylish wardrobe. And gorgeous on Beckham, of course.

David Beckham in H&M
photo copyright H&M


Meanwhile, check out David Beckham wearing just a couple of the pieces from the collection (and can I say I love those blue pants), and you’ll see just how amazing you could look. Well. If you look like Beckham, of course.


Michelle Topham