David Crosby 911 Calls After Hitting Jogger Show Singer Upset and Worried


While you wouldn’t think it would be a unique thing for a celebrity to behave responsibly when caught in a bad situation, sadly these days it often is. That is why it is so nice to hear about singer David Crosby of Crosby, Stills and Nash fame, and how he behaved when he accidentally hit a jogger while driving in Santa Barbara, California on Sunday night.

The 73-year-old Crosby was apparently out driving when the sun ended up in his eyes, causing him to hit a jogger running at the side of the road while still traveling at the speed limit of 55mph. He later told police the sun temporarily blinded him, so he couldn’t see the man jogging.

But, instead of panicking and doing something stupid like so many celebrities do, David Cosby immediately called 911 and asked for an ambulance. Then he waited with the injured jogger at the scene until they arrived.

So upset was he by the incident, and so worried about the jogger, Cosby even called 911 twice just to make sure the ambulance was on its way.

According to 911 tapes released by California police yesterday, Cosby can be heard asking “Is the ambulance on its way and how fast will it be here? I think this guy really needs an ambulance right now. ”

Luckily for the jogger, 44-year-old Jose Jimenez, although he was hospitalized with broken bones, cuts and scrapes, he is expected to make a full recovery.

Police now say neither drugs nor alcohol were involved in the accident.

And, no, I really shouldn’t have to write something like this just to say I applaud the behavior of David Cosby but, like I said, that kind of responsibility and ‘doing the right thing’ is sometimes all too rare.

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