David Duchovny would never go to Times Square to celebrate New Year

David Duchovny would never go to Times Square to celebrate New Year

Actor David Duchovny showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night where he was asked if he had ever been to Times Square to celebrate New Year. After all, Duchovny is a native New Yorker.


“God, no”, said Duchovny, “nobody from New York is ever out in Times Square at that point in the day.”

Duchovny then went on to explain his family didn’t really celebrate New Year anyway. “We were not a very celebratory family”.

“Really? No celebration?” asked Kimmel.

“Very little. No touchdown dances. Nothing” dead-panned Duchovny. “I remember I once got invited to a party on the Upper East Side, I was on the Lower East Side, and I assumed…I showed up at 6pm at this brownstone for a party, and it was snowing and I saw there was nothing going on at the house”.

He then went on to say how he had to spend the next four hours walking round and round the Upper East Side until the party actually kicked off right before midnight.

Then again, as he confessed, his nickname in high school was ‘Hayseed’. Because, even though he was born and bred in New York, his coaches always thought he seemed like he was “from the country”.

I have to say, though, I agree with him on Times Square. I have only been once about three decades ago, and it is the most miserable experience. Crazy crowded, freezing cold, and you can’t even get anything to eat or drink as the lines for everything take about two hours.

Times Square on New Year’s Eve? I agree with David Duchovny, “God, no”.

Michelle Topham

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