David Walliams Swam the English Channel, and the Thames, Saved Drowning Dog (Video)

david walliams saves dog graham norton


The Graham Norton Show’s YouTube channel has a cute video of David Walliams talking about how he swam the English Channel, and then swam the Thames and then saved a dog from drowning. A disabled dog, I might add. And all to raise money for the British charity Comic Relief.

As comedian Jonny Vegas asks, “Oh my God, what are we waiting for. It’s the second coming. In two minutes, half of us are going to heaven”.


Of course, when you watch this, you can easily see why it’s no surprise Walliams is known for his charity work, and for the huge amount of money he’s raised.

Watch David Walliams explaining how he got roped into swimming the English Channel. As usual, he’s very funny.

And for more on the fabulous David Walliams, do watch him singing ‘Moonraker‘ to Dame Shirley Bassey. And check out her face.



Michelle Topham